ReBoost – Story

Born from two Challenges

ReBoost-t is born from two challenges : stop to drink (too much) coffee and become independent professionally.

Stop drinking coffee

I used to drink a lot of coffee each day. It gave me energy and attention, but it also made me much more nervous than I am today. Having worked for 15 years in the Supply Chain (Transport, Logistics and Purchasing) as a consultant and then in a big industrial company, I had, like many others, a bunch of stressful moments in my life.

One day, while I was thinking about how I could reduce my stress level, I challenged myself to stop completely to drink coffee. This was a real challenge for me, even more when our three children were born in the meantime and we had, my wife and I, to handle the most important job in our life, i.e. being parents, together with stressful professional lives.

Finally, stopping to drink coffee was less difficult than I though, certainly so when i replaced coffee by green tea, and later, Matcha. I was immediately seduced by the ritual around the preparation of the Matcha I also loved when I was preparing my coffee with an old Italian Bialetti.

Now I drink green tea in infusions and Matcha every day and I really feel the difference in the continuous level of relaxed focus I have the whole day, fed by a constant, smooth level of energy, not over-excitement as it was the case before.

Become Independent

During my career, I regularly dreamed of becoming independent. Starting my own business, being free to implement any idea I would have. Depending only on myself to do it. I had idea, I had the willingness to start. I also had – and still have – the responsibility to contribute financially to the ressources of our family. And I didn’t have enough reserve to launch my projects while at the same time not taking too much risks for our family.

So when the company I worked for started another reorganisation where my team and my job would be dismantled, instead of accepting another role in the new organisation, I took the opportunity and left the company. After 13 years and with great colleagues, it wasn’t an easy decision. But i took it, got out of my confort zone and decided to launch my business, with just enough reserves to realise my dream.

After six months training to become certified coach, a lot of time spent building my business plan, informing myself about all the conditions to fulfil to become independent and learning about too much things to be listed here, I finally created ReBoost Experience SRL, the company behind ReBoost-t and my other activity, ReBoost-Coaching.

It’s just the beginning…

My story is just reaching the end of a first chapter. Now, the serious thing begins. I need to find customers and to serve them the best I can so they stay. I am not too much worried about that. I know ReBoost-t is excellent for your health, your focus & energy, and simply for the taste. I know it : I drink it every day since five years, Japanese people since 800!

What about the price then? My goal with ReBoost-t is to sell high quality organic Matcha tea at affordable prices. Matcha is an expensive tea compared to other teas. And you will see a lot of price range on the market, from people selling bad matcha for cooking to luxury Japanese Houses providing very exclusive Matcha tea.

You will never find the first category here as i consider such Matcha an insult to Nature and the Japanese Tradition of more than 800 years old. I invite you to try the second sort, like you would try an exclusive wine. I have tasted already a large panel of Matcha with good and bad surprises.

In the meantime, trust me for the selection of high quality Matcha with ReBoost-t and Reboost-t Premium. You will not be disappointed!

Take care!


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