The essentials about Matcha

Why is Matcha good for the health ?

Mainly because it contains Antioxydants that help prevent the presence of free-radicals that can destroy our cells. Among the antioxydants, there is vitamin C, vitamin E, tannin. Another reason why Matcha is good for the health is it’s combination of L-Teanine and Caffeine that help manage stress, energy and focus.

How to know if a Matcha is of good quality?

Look at the colour : it has to be a deep green one, not a light, “worn out” one. Look at the froth : you should be able to make a uniform, light one by simply following the ritual steps. With low quality Matcha, even when you do the right things, you will end-up with froth at some places and no froth at other places. Taste the difference : bad quality Matcha is really bitter, good quality Matcha is smoother, still with a little bitterness that is the trademark of green tea.


Can I taste the matcha before I buy it?

Yes of course! Don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can arrange a tasting session. If you have never tasted Matcha or if you are used to another one, it’s a good way to see if you will like Reboost-t and Reboost-t Premium before you decide to buy it. And I love to share this ritual with other people!

Why the name “ReBoost-t”?

Because it describes well what the Matcha ritual is for me : a re-boost of my energy and my focus to start the day or during a break. I consider it as drinking the strength of Nature like Japanese Monks do since 800 years.

Can I pick-up my Matcha directly at Reboost-t ?

Sure! You can contact me and we can arrange a pick-up time. If you don’t live too far from my place, I can even deliver you directly with my bike 🙂

Where does ReBoost-t Matcha comes from?

The Reboost-t and Reboost-t Premium Matcha are coming from an organic farm in Japan, in the region of Kyoto. This region is really the birthplace of Matcha in Japan and gathers most of the ancestral farms cultivating green tea and Matcha.

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